What is Rabet?

What is Rabet?

Being a part of the Stellar network means finding the right tools to help store your digital assets and easily handle your day-to-day transactions. On Stellar, users have the benefit of lightning-fast, energy-efficient transactions with virtually zero fees.

What if there was a tool available to make things as quick and seamless as possible across your favorite Stellar applications? Thankfully, Rabet is designed to meet those ever-expanding needs!

What is Rabet?

Rabet is an integrated set of open-source wallets for the Stellar network, allowing everyone around the world to interact with Stellar.

Rabet is more than just a secure wallet on the Stellar network: Rabet is your key to seamless interaction with a multitude of prominent applications across Stellar.

What makes Rabet unique is its interface that puts the user first. Simplicity, ease of use, and a clear dashboard provide users everything they need in one place whether the users are experienced crypto gurus, or the users are brand new to the crypto space.

"Rabet is your key to entering the world of Stellar."


Rabet's mission is to facilitate interaction, its structure is built entirely around this goal. This interaction consists of two parts:

  1. Allowing users to interact with the network and performing all operations in a user-friendly environment.
  2. Allowing users to interact with Stellar's applications and signature of transactions in a safe environment.


1. Extension wallet

Rabet extension allows you to interact with Stellar Apps in a secure and transparent environment. This product is available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Brave.

2. Desktop wallet

The desktop version does not connect to apps, allowing users to manage and hold their assets in a safer environment. This version is developed using Electron JS and works on all major operating systems: Linux, Windows, and macOS.

3. Mobile wallet

Find your favorite apps and connect them to your wallet using the mobile version. This progressive web app can be installed with a single tap—say goodbye to the App Store and Google Play.


Useful by design
‌Rabet is designed with accessibility in mind, allowing users to execute Stellar's major operations in a user-friendly environment.

Secure by default
‌All the data in the Rabet is encrypted and stored on your local device. Therefore, you are in complete control of your data.

Made for interaction
‌Anything you have yet gained was derived from the interaction. The structure of Rabet is designed such that one can interact with the next generation financial network, i.e., Stellar.

Support for various platforms
‌Rabet is available to everyone on any operating system and device—browsers, smartphones, desktops. Just choose your device and install it.

Rabet is Your Identity
‌In the Stellar world, Rabet is your passport, letting you interact with any SApp you wish.

Developer friendly
‌Developers can directly inject Rabet into their application through the browser without the need to install an SDK or package. This is the start of safe interaction with your users.

$RBT Token

Another groundbreaking feature that makes Rabet unique is its token launch, which allows for open and active participation from the community to help orchestrate impactful decisions. Through the transformation of Rabet users into stakeholders, holders of Rabet’s native governance token will have the opportunity to help shape the future of this exciting project through innovative, creative ways to participate in Rabet’s growth.


Rabet is a wallet that allows users to easily do all operations available on Stellar, including asset transfer or asset exchange, and interact with all the Stellar apps in a safe user-friendly environment.